Gender Gap Grader PRO is great for
businesses, organizations, governments & academics

We make it fast and easy to find out if a first name is male or female – across millions of records and hundreds of languages.

Using our API (Application Programming Interface), you can segment data or measure the gender gap where it matters to you, in three simple steps:

  • prepare a list of names
  • genderize the names
  • export and analyze the results

No programming is required; you can either use PowerBI or RapidMiner.

After registration, you can use NamSor Online, a simple tool to upload names in CSV format and download results back to your favorite spreadsheet.

You can also use PowerBI Desktop, a free stand-alone application from Microsoft with rich, easy-to-use analytic capabilities, simply install the open source gender connector and read the Wiki to get started.


You can also use RapidMiner, an easy-to-use visual environment for data mining and predictive analytics. It is licensed under a mixed Open Source and Commercial model. The Starter edition is free and has all you need to get started.

As part of subscribing to the Gender Gap Grader PRO toolkit, you’ll gain access to NamSor API:

  • NamSor Gender API, predicts the likely gender of a personal name (ex. Andrea Rossini is likely male, Andrea Parker is likely female)
  • NamSor Origin API, predicts the likely origin of a personal name (ex. Andrea Rossini is likely Italian/of Italian origin)

With an API Key, compared to the BASIC version, you’ll get faster data processing (typically several hundred names per seconds) and several Diversity Analytics (Gender, Origin).

The API Key gives you the ability to integrate gender and diversity analytics with a wide range of other applications (online, mobile, …).

All subscription and billing processing based on data volume is done with Stripe, a secure payment platform.