About us

Gender Gap Grader has been archived to archive.org and is no longer maintained. You will find gender-gap related content in English in NamSor blog and in Spanish on Womenalia blog. We’re looking to relaunch soon with a new project. If you would be interested to participate, please reach out !

Founding Team (2014-2019)

Elena Rossini


Elena Rossini is a filmmaker, photographer and multimedia producer. Notable projects include The Illusionists, an upcoming feature-length documentary about the marketing of unattainable beauty around the world and No Country for Young Women, a multimedia platform celebrating the professional lives of women.

Elian Carsenat


Elian Carsenat is a French computer scientist, engineer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of NamSor™ Applied Onomastics, whose mission is to help make sense of the Big Data and understand international flows of money, ideas and people.

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